Here are some comments we’ve received following our “Phoenix” concert:

It was a wonderful evening – Peter and the choir performed outstandingly, I thought. (Karen Kingsley, pianist)

Very well done all! It was obviously an emotional evening. The welcoming team did a grand job. So glad I came.

It was a truly wonderful concert which we thoroughly enjoyed. We have been to many of your concerts in both Petersfield and Southsea and missed them so much last year.

A big thank you to you and the rest of the choir for a wonderful concert. I enjoyed it immensely. It was amazing to think you had very little time practising together and yet you made this magical sound.

Last night was special. Being part of that special rich sound again was such a privilege and a relief. It didn’t feel like we’ve ever been apart.

I couldn’t have been happier with the way it all turned out last evening, and the feeling of pleasure from our side of the podium was palpable. I was proud of everybody last night, bless them all! Inviolata and the Poulenc were special, even without a Covid lead-up.

We loved every minute and the glow from the setting sun enhanced a very special atmosphere. All my favourite pieces including Karen’s. So well done.

Life begins again! A real concert – real singers, a real audience – how good is that? Thank you so much for the most inspiring evening of delicious choral music, not to mention the wonderful Karen who never fails to delight. It gives me real hope for a return to music-making.

Your performance of the Rachmaninov Bogorditsye djevo was exceptional. So glad that Peter explained about the breath control practice.

Re. the concert: I found no drop in standard to your usual excellent quality of music. The masks and distance from each other were not noticeable from the audience, and remember we were at the back so would have noticed more, and the whole evening was a real credit to you all. Well done all, and thank you.
Re. the seating and marshalling: I just wanted to say how well organised the whole event was which I believe is a credit to your project management. The event was well organised before and during the evening. The signs were clear, the seating well arranged and most of all we felt ‘looked after’ which made us feel safe. Thank you and your support team on the night.
Re. Karen: As always beautiful playing and I liked the choice of the first three pieces, the last one she played on her own I am sure showed her skill as a musician, but I found it less comfortable to listen to. I did however really enjoy the one you sang to her accompaniment and it was so lovely to hear her play again.
In general, it was so nice to see you all in the flesh and hear your voices resounding so well and Karen’s wonderful playing again.