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“Wow! Thank you. I know I’ve said this before about other evenings, but that was one of the best. The innovative programme was a complete delight, with the contrasts of secular and sacred vocal items, and between the Renaissance and the 19th/20th centuries, plus making the links with paintings. And the vocal quartet and the recorder ensemble … You all did brilliantly, and I hope Peter was pleased! I will treasure the memories and the printed programme. I haven’t even tried to look for proverbs yet! Hugely looking forward to the next one”.

“Thank you so much for inviting me this evening. I thoroughly enjoyed the programme and the choice of music, the venue, and the interpretations. My highlights were the Mass, Sweelinck Laudate, the beautiful Tristis in D Minor – so lovely, and I loved di Lasso’s trick at the end, where the choral fugue coincides with the Latin. At the top of my list was the reverential and majestic Ave Regina Caelorum. It is always so special to hear Marian Antiphons set in such a beautiful way. It had tremendous depth.

“I have great admiration for your conductor – he is clearly deeply invested in the choir and passionate about the music. His openness in the biography and the composer notes about his choral philosophy was delightful and refreshing. Well done! Thoroughly enjoyed it, and I hope to hear the choir again in the future”.

“The thing I love is the fact that you tell the story behind the music”.

is “Two Young Men” by Crispin van den Broeck (1523-1591), which found its way into the programme.