Thank you for an impressive performance in your ‘East meets West’ concert.  The concert showed the choir’s versatility, with well-chosen music ranging from deep, sonorous Russian Orthodox to modern close-harmony American music, with some English renaissance added for good measure…and wonderfully sung it was, too.

I particularly appreciated the accuracy of intonation, and the strength of the ‘inner’ parts which contribute so much to the harmony.   It’s the first time I’ve heard the Renaissance Choir in action, and I’ll certainly come again.  Incidentally, I thought that the piano solo interludes were just right to set off what would otherwise have been quite a lot of singing, and Karen Kingsley’s rendition of Scott Joplin’s ‘Solace’ was laden with pathos, so deserves a special mention.

The whole thing was very successful, so thank you for all the practising and I shall definitely be looking out for news of your future projects.