The Renaissance Choir is offering choral bursaries to younger singers

We love choral singing. We want future generations to enjoy it too. For this reason, we run an annual bursary scheme for young singers. Please contact us if you are interested.

The Renaissance Choir is a friendly and enthusiastic chamber choir with around 34 singers that seeks to achieve high standards. We perform better and lesser-known choral works from all eras in up to five concerts a year.

This provides for a rich and rewarding musical experience for all those involved and particularly for successful applicants, giving access to hands-on experience with an exciting repertoire.

Our choral bursary scheme is ideal for younger singers wishing to develop their choral singing within a highly accomplished chamber choir.

Two bursaries are awarded each year and last for one year. An application can be renewed for one consecutive year.

These bursaries are open to people aged from 18 to 28 who live within a reasonable travelling distance to Emsworth, Hampshire.

The role of the successful applicants will be to:

• Support their respective voice parts in their learning journey in an empathetic and engaging manner, singing in the core of the voice part to a high standard.
• Demonstrate and use good vocal and sight-reading skills, and carry out warm-ups if required.
• Communicate well with the MD concerning any rehearsal issues.
• Attend all concert performances during the 12-month period and a minimum of 80% of rehearsals for these concerts.

Each bursary will attract an honorarium of £500 over the course of the 12-month period.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Hear what our members think about us – video from June 2022.

*We will send out one CD for each qualified enquiry.

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